Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: What currency does the project work with?
A: Since the smart contract is published in a software environment Ethereum, then, accordingly, participation in the project is possible only with this digital currency.

Q: Can a transaction remain on the balance of a smart contract?
A: Ruled out. The contract was programmed so as not to accumulate funds, but to serve only as a transmitter. The balance of the contract is always zero, anyone can verify this. It simply lacks the function of taking funds to your balance. Any transaction will reach the desired goal safe and sound.

Q: And if the project collapses, will I lose money?
A: Ruled out. The smart contract is absolutely transparent, all data is recorded in the blockchain chain. No scam or fraud. The project cannot fail. It will work as long as the blockchain exists, even if the site is closed.

Q: Which wallet is better to use?
A: There are many suitable wallets. The most important thing is not to use exchange wallets! We recommend using 2 type of wallets, these are: Metamask - (highly recommended) if you are working from a personal computer. (Download from the official website: https://metamask.io/) Trust Wallet - If you are using a smartphone. (Download for iPhone or Android)  

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: There are no refunds due to commissions being dispersed immediately direct to members.

FAQ's are updated as questions from members come in!