Welcome to the DonationTrust.club Program

The Best Cryptocurrency builder for Network Marketers

DonationTrust.club is gaining popularity since its launch and it is becoming one of the most trusted, reliable and stable Ether builders for network marketers. Its state of the art global payments system, combined with a stable exchange rate and an autonomous algorithm, makes it a practical and fast cryptocurrency that is available for all network marketers.


How DonationTrust.club Works

The procedure of gaining Eth at DonationTrust.club is simple. Here is how it works:

Your Club Registration and Purchase of Banner Ads for a one time 0.09 Eth to Get Started

You Invite a minimum of 2 Fellow Networkers and Friends, and You Get Paid Instant Commission in Return

Your Invited Friends and Networkers Do the Same for Duplication, and  ALL of you Reach New Heights by working together.

Marketing Plan

When you begin referring New Marketers to our site and they join, you begin to earn instant income up to 100% commissions down 9 levels. As your network grows your commission earning will get faster and faster. The more personal referrals you have on your first line will determine your potential income. The chart below shows your income having you and your team referring a minimum of 2 through 10. You will definitely have members who will refer more and definitely some that will refer less, if any at all. Disclaimer: The amount of income will be determined by each individuals advertising effort and expertise. DTC makes no guarantees that you will make a certain amount of money or any at all. We will however assist you in your efforts to earn. Allowing you to have an excellent chance to earn at maximum capacity.

Why Choose DonationTrust.club Program


DonationTrust.club is the perfect opportunity for investment to earn unlimited supply of Ether. You will receive donation after donation simply by inviting members to our platform to use our service. Each member upon completion of registration will receive 5,000 banner ad credits, a replicated website like this, stat tracking info, promotional materials, and unlimited one on one coaching with upline. 

We value the efforts of every individual who becomes a member. You not only have the potential to earn thousands of dollars but also get a cryptocurrency that's going to be available for online shopping, digital assets exchange and other cryptocurrency operations. So, if you've missed Bitcoin, you shouldn't miss this explosive Ether platform. We made earning Ether as simple as simple could be.

Only By Giving Are You Able To Receive More Than You Already Have!

- Jim Rohn

How To Register Today

We pride ourselves on being simple.Simple to understand, simple to earn, simple to duplicate. To begin the process of qualifying to receive donations from people all over the world you have to register. Follow the simple step by step instructions below and set up takes just a few seconds before you are ready to start marketing your site.

  1.  You must have a Metamask wallet for desktop computers/laptops and Trust wallet for all Androids and Iphones. (metamask recommended)
  2.  Fund your wallet with a minimum of 0.095 Eth to cover Registration and Gas Fees.
  3.  Click The "Join" button At the top of this page.
  4.  Click on the appropriate pay button.
  5.  DTC will ask for permission to connect to your metamask for instant commission processing. Click Confirm/Allow.
  6.  Click Pay with metamask once more to initiate payment processing and confirm payment.
  7.  Wait for payment confirmation ( do not press refresh or the back button or change browser until redirection is complete)

Perfect Opportunity

DonationTrust.club is the perfect opportunity for investment and it can yield highly rewarding benefits in return. This people helping people website is the perfect answer to various financial troubles that persist to plague our society. By joining our club today you will join countless others who are all linked together in a common effort to have a better life! The more you spread the word, the more donations you will receive from new team members from all over the world. The income will not stop if you never stop! No time limits, no set standards, you put your destiny in your complete control.


Latest Joining

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